Preparation of the bore to be sealed

The dimensions of the bore to be sealed are shown on the product information sheet for the selected ball sealing plug. The diameter D2 for the for the sealing plug and the diameter D3 for the bore to be sealed are shown with tolerances, which must be kept.

The roundness of the bore D2 for the ball sealing plug must be within 0,05 mm.

The surface finish of the bore D2 must be within Rz 10-30 µm, which is especially important for hard materials. We recommend making the bore D2 with a drill, and to completely avoid a reamer.

In the section Design Guidelines parameters for the position and the recommended wall thicknesses are given.

It is important to avoid any longitude scratchec in the bore D2, as these may result in leakage. The bore must be cleaned, and free from chips, oil etc.