Installation Instructions

For the Sealing Plugs Series 11, 31 and 33

Bore Preparation

Ensure the bore is clean and nor chips, grease or oil is present.

Installation Procedure

  • Insert the plug into the counterbored hole with the ball facing out, seated against the counterbore shoulder.
  • It is important that the correct drill and counterbore size are selected so that the plug is properly supported during installation and a good seal is obtained.
  • Press the ball into the sleeve so that the top of the ball is slightly below the top of the sleeve (see FIG. 2 and 3). Approximate values for S (stroke) and X are listed in the table below.
  • Be sure to purchase the correct installation tool for each plug size selected.
  • The ball plugs can be installed using a hammer and the correct hand installation tool. An arbor or an air hammer with the correct air hammer installation tool can also be used.
  • The installation of the ball plugs can also be automated. Feel free to contact us to assist you with your application. Our technical staff would be pleased to help you design and build a custom semi or fully automated installation system.